37th International Piano Festival July 20th - August 18th

For over three decades, the Roque d’Anthéron piano festival has been a forum for those who dare to express themselves.

Each year, experts, prodigies and virtuosos of all ages meet under the stars in the Parc du Château de Florans. Nocturnal recitals gain in magic from year to year. Bordered by 365 plane trees, the main alley leads to a site that is both grandiose and cozy. Over the years, the festival has expanded to feature more concerts and different venues.

While the festival has long been recognised in the piano field, it is continuing to innovate by testing new sites, new talents from around the world and seasoned professionals.

A major musical event this year !

Salon Vivre Coté Sud 20 ans

Vivre Côté Sud has over the years, become a reference, with it own inimitable style. From the Provence or the Riviera to all lands of the Mediterranean basin, it brings to life the essence and the spirit of the Mediterranean and has encouraged a taste for the « made in the Mediterranean » life-style.

Not to be missed, the 20 years of the showwill be atthe heartof the scenography.

Les Jeudis d'Albertas

Les Jeudis d'Albertas is an opportunity to bring together artists and semi-professional amateurs of national and international renown (ages 14 to 77) on the same stage.

These musical evenings featured Élodie Martelet (3rd at The Voice), Melina Léva (2nd at The Voice), the Deluxe band and Imane Hind Chraibi.